Why I was forced to walk out of The Conjuring

Even though this article is addressed to the U.K. audience, it happens in the U.S. as well. So much so, one hates to spend the ridiculous amount of money for admission, money for treats, and then to be hounded by rude people (mostly phones I have found in my experiences).

The Popcorn Muncher

Today, for the first time ever, I left a film before the end. The film in question was James Wan’s latest horror The Conjuring, which has been aggressively trailered for months. In the same ball park as films such as this year’s disappointing Dark Skies, this seemed like a better than average attempt at getting the haunted house genre right.

Unfortunately, I have no idea whether or not it managed. My decision to walk out of the screening room after 20 minutes had nothing to do with The Conjuring, but everything to do with the ludicrous behaviour of my fellow audience members.

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