Chrysalis Network Lures Children to be Sexually Abused on SexWork4U Website

Ruth Jacobs

Child sex trafficking is a most serious issue, and for those who survive and make it out, which most don’t, the effects of trauma can last a lifetime. To make light of the raping of children, to satire this heinous crime, is something you might expect from a controversial comedian, the likes of the disgusting Frankie Boyle perhaps, who, during the Comic Relief fundraiser this year said he “thought the only way [he’d] ever get back on the BBC would have been if [he] started f**king kids.”

A few days ago, when I was alerted to a website advertising for children to be sexually abused, I never expected it to be satire. The website advertised for ‘child sex workers’ to ‘start a rewarding career today’. There was a sign up form for children to make contact and another form to ‘refer friends and family’. A screenshot of the website that has been…

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