~ Vid 1 for the Day ~

This is the newest dance and the coolest guy I have ever seen!  Please take a look and see where my new crush lies.

2 thoughts on “~ Vid 1 for the Day ~

  1. You do know that was all part of my mixed up ‘so wrong’ fantasy world, right? LOL
    My music tastes do not go this way, but my humor can include anything, thus you and Trey.

  2. Right Rene, a couple of things. I know your musical tastes are eclectic but wtf! Cookie dance! rofl. Are you up dancing to this? I gotta see that.
    I can see why you like your new man. Only probs for me is he strongly resembles my sister’s ex husband. Well, before he turned into a lardy ass. And a prat. Well, he was always a prat. He just hid it for a while. Hopefully, your new crush has no prattish tendencies. :)x

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