VIDEO: Westboro Baptist Cult hellbent on picketing Mandela *LATEST*

I do not condone these idiots AT ALL. I really hate to offer any publicity, good or bad, for them, but people need to know how far they are going with their hate message now. They used to be confined to being real asses at military funerals here in the U.S., but now they have crossed the oceans. Please note all their messages are about hate, they breed it, condone it, and want others to be a part of their mind set. Understand this though: just as there are good Muslims, good Atheists, these are the bad Christians. I will not offer hate to them, as that would feed into their machine. I also cannot sit here and offer them love either. I choose, after this post, to never mention them on my site again. They need to be ignored, no press, no vid sharing, IGNORED. I don’t want to be a hater of them as they hate others. I won’t be led down that road.
Peace & Love ALWAYS

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