Star Light Star Bright

Mad Mormon...


I am at the bottom of a dark and quiet well

The light above is a pin prick against an Azure sky

I can see a star though, a blink of beauty hanging like a portrait in heavens hall.

A lovely canvas for me alone.


I know that I have dug this well of my own free will.

But, I had not the foresight to leave myself a way out.

It’s a lot easier to go down than up.

It’s the momentum you see….

The speed of the descent.

It is a fine well that I have created I must admit.

Solid flat walls…..

Deep and water-tight.

Barbed wire around the lip.

It holds screams just as well.

Echo’s die when touched by light.

I am floating in tears, my toes barely touching bottom…

But…..I’m still ‘touching’ the bottom.

Just a little more despair, and my strength will fail….

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