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11 thoughts on “HONESTY

  1. I told her not to worry about it right now, I am digging the open closet look. Reminds me of early apartment days. She wants them in though. So, I am just going to keep one side open all the time, the far side from the bedroom door. LOL I figure if something like that happens again, I will just fall in the closet. My fat arse won’t hit the doors in the middle, causing mass destruction. Wait! Does that mean my arse can be a weapon of mass destruction? Ohh, scary.

    Knitting is good. Don’t make it too girly. People think he is a girl all the time since he is a Bichon. But, he also is not into the whole redneck camouflage look. I think he is holding out for a Parka of sorts. Keep holding buddy!

    Sleep well.

  2. I’ll knit him a jumper. I’m good at knitting. 😉
    No, don’t risk the doors again. F. the money. You could have been killed! You so need to get here. I’ll get my dog on it too. With help from lots of kids and their hopeful mama.
    Peace and love, Rene. Sleep well, I hope. catch you tomorrow. x

  3. Yes, go to bed.
    I have Wizard using his energies for Scotland. He is cool with it. He wondered if he is going to need a new coat.
    I am writing now.
    Lucky you on the sleeping thing. I don’t sleep, and then well, I don’t sleep again. Then I have flares. Sucks! Especially since I am so afraid to take any meds not prescribed for me. The whole breaking the doors down, and $150 later (of which I can’t pay, mum is paying), didn’t bode well for me. Taking TyPM and then lying in bed thinking.

    Peace & Love

  4. Go you, girl! And remember that negative and positive equalise so both are good!
    I better get to bed. It’s 1.30a.m. here. I wish I could sleep these days. I think. Actually I quite enjoy being awake. Then I crash! 😉 x

  5. I just don’t think I am going to let our fearless leader in Word Pressia see that I didn’t care for the topic choice. I guess that is why I never wanted to join anything in which a writing topic was given and all had to write about it. Seems to closed for me.
    I have to really watch what music I am listening to, and what posts I do read before I post. These things tend to influence me the most.
    I am listening to Scott Stapp, and Creed today, and am fairly inspired. Also, having read all our comments today, you have inspired me as well.
    Crew is done eating, I am going for it now.

    Peace & Love

  6. I’m delighted you’ve opened a folder of affirmation. Think I might do the same. We all need it. We’re all just little tadpoles swimming along needing to be reminded that we’re part of a bigger pond. And one we can make a difference in. You do that, Rene, Have no doubt.
    I’m a few haufs ahead of you having done the rest of my Chrissy shopping today. Well deserved I feel.
    I don’t think you need to take advice from anyone on what to write. If you tune in to what you feel there will be good and bad feelings. But that’s the same for us all. I can see free flowing thoughts from you, like a stream of consciousness that lifts and enlightens. You’re already there in your comments which are not negative but humorous and full of insight. Give it a go. You don’t have to post till you’re ready. Or. Just say, ‘Fuck it. I’m going for this!’ And post!. 🙂 x

  7. Wow! I had to go away for a moment and come back and read this. It is so wonderful. I copied it into a folder I have for praise from others. I know that sounds arrogant, and God forbid I sound arrogant. I just started the folder with your response, so that should make it clear I am not arrogant.
    This means so much to me. Thank you.

    The last challenge was to do a poem, so I asked Trey, which might have been a mistake, for a suggestion or two. He came up with after x-mas. The whole thing sounded so damn down to me. Which…is the reason I don’t like my poetry. It is dark, but not dark and beautiful like Patti’s.
    If I stop bitching for 2 minutes, I see that this is all happening for a reason. Maybe just to torture a whole new set of people, worldwide, with my diatribe and opinions. I don’t really think I am having any effect on mum, or my sister, and I don’t think they are influencing me at all. I already had compassion for disabled and elderly people, so nothing new learned there. I already knew how to drive one of those old people scooters, and handle a wheelchair, so…?
    I have furthered my Eminem and Creed/Scott Stapp experience. I have developed more social media pages than I ever wanted.
    I guess more than anything I have learned, or still learning, patience. It has never been one of my virtues, and I have so few (lol). I have learned to tolerate and love a little dog, which would have never happened if not having the body mutiny going on. I tell you…there is going to be some serious plank walking when this is all over!

    I will try to do more of my own stuff. I just hate the dark stuff, and that is what seems to come out when I concentrate on writing. I am way funnier and light hearted when doing responses. The guy in Spain, who is my challenger, said he might just copy and paste my responses and post them. I told him that would be a great idea, and inside I thought, ‘whew, what a break for me!’.

    So, I so love all you have offered today. Thank you so much. Before I got online I had cleaned out all my old papers, mainly medical and disability stuff, and had been on the floor under the bed. My knees were all kinds of pain seized, so I wasn’t smiling, to say the least. I took a happy pain pill, a finger’s worth of vodka, and read all this good stuff (I sure am using ‘stuff’ a lot today.), I am feeling good enough to write something nice, maybe not sparkly, but at least nice.
    Let me feed the crew.

  8. Do you know Rene, you have led me to so many interesting and worthwhile blogs. You are so good at ferreting out the excellent. Which just goes to show how much we have in common. But I saw that someone was encouraging you to post more of you. And I love when I get to know more of a person. You do respond so fully to comments and that is brill. Those posts I have read where you really appear are phenomenal. You should share more of that. Yer man is right. 😉
    Your honesty and forthright manner are what shine. That needs to be shared as fully as possible.
    No one who knows you could fail to love you. Unless they are false and without reason and understanding.
    I know sometimes it must feel as if shit happens without reason but I really feel that what you have to share, who you are, is something so special that it is the reason you are here. So much of human understanding and compassion but with an irreverent take on life that cannot fail to amuse and cause reciprocal understanding. Just a thought. Would love to read some of your poetry. Free flowing. Go girl! 🙂 x

  9. My imagination is what my lies are mainly made up of. I don’t lie either, and just don’t see how people do, especially when they are hurtful. I watch movies and just don’t get it. I see my mum lie sometimes, or she would tell me she did when she was working. I would sometimes, not often, ask her why she lied, she knew it was going to come back on her. She always rationalized it, but I could tell she knew I was right. These were times when I could really see how immature her spirit (soul?) was. There have been many instances in my life, and especially more since I have been living with her, of her immature spirit. The psychics were right, in that at least. I somehow see over what she is doing, what others here do with their gossiping, and the negativity.

    I am going to do a short (I think) blog today on something I came to the realization of today.

    Peace & Love

  10. You know people struggle with honesty. And I don’t know another way. I would lie to save someone’s feelings. But, in essence, I think there can be only truth that flows from lips. Or imagination. 😉 x

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