Anon: It is up to us to start the change…


At the end of this video it is challenged that we, us, the individuals  of America, need to start the revolution for change.  If we are not satisfied with the government, corporations, and laws of the land, we need to start to change for our children.  Instead of just sitting around and complaining about life here in America, we need to take control of our futures and make the change.  Change will not come overnight, and it will not come without some pain for all.  This pain does not necessarily have to be violent, but will have to happen.

If you are having issues with the way things are run now; with the manner in which your hard earned tax money is being spent; with the way our Veterans are being treated; with the unbalanced income ratios in our country; with the overpopulation of our prisons, especially of non-violent offenders; with gun laws; with education measures; with our Constitutional Rights being stripped away; and with the audacity of government agencies to spy upon its own citizens, then you need to stand up now and be counted amongst the wolves and not the sheeple.  Here is how to begin:


Peace & Love



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