~The Hughman Daily~


10 thoughts on “~The Hughman Daily~

  1. Is the assumed gangster connections due to the fact I live in Las Vegas or listen to rap? I have to know which gangsters I should call in favors.

  2. Shoot Suz?! Good grief woman. I thought the tractor would be enough.
    And I hate football. Always have.
    Now rugby, there’s something worth looking at. Wonder if Hugh would play rugby if I asked him nicely. But then his poor face. No. We’ll toss for him. When he’s in Australia Suz can have him. Anywhere else in the world he’s mine. I know you have your contacts in that related gangster world of yours. You’ll help me out sister. make it worth your while. 😉 x

  3. Yeah, don’t even try to tone down what you mean by mentioning names of cities, you are bad and everyone knows it.
    Ok, well then shall we just shoot her? See since I am American and everyone thinks all we think about is guns, guns, guns, obviously that I my solution to the problem. Now, should we visit Australia and have a summit meeting with her? Make a treaty? What would you suggest? Since I didn’t come up with the pic, or post it on my blog, I think she has some say in this. What is your solution Ms We-Don’t-Believe-In-Violence-Unless-It-Is-Football? Oh, perhaps we should have a local football match between the two of you. Then we all could stand in the crowd, singing mean songs at you, and throwing peanuts on you. Works for me. Solution found.
    Love it.

  4. What makes you think I’m not New York material? I eat apples.
    My tractor appeared in my hand at the thought of rock, paper, scissors. I visualised it and it just appeared. Really hurt my hand though.
    This is Hugh we’re talking about. Monopoly I play fair at. Scrabble too. In fact, any game. This is no game, Rene. You should know that by now. Hugh and I were written in the stars. He just hasn’t learned yet how to read Cosmo. Once he does, it’ll be a certainty. And then he can show me his….I mean….the big apple. or I can show him mine…..Glasgow, I mean. 🙂 x

  5. Well, I think I can safely say you won that one. Tractor? Where the hell did you get that? Just a thought: she is Aussie, the Hughman is Aussie, she might have one over on you. Now if you lived in New York you might have one on her since he seems to spending a ton of his life there recently. I don’t think you are New York material though, so she should have first dibs on that pic, although it is quite good, and you can have all the rest. Yes? One night she can have him? Come on, be a sport. Play nice.

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