Why Do Men Have Nipples?


5 thoughts on “Why Do Men Have Nipples?

  1. My mum says I talk too fast to be understood at time, and that I switch subjects back and forth all the time. I do this, I know I have heard meself, but usually when I am excited about something. I cannot read and go fast like he does though. I guess that is why I would always really learn my speeches and presentations: I knew I wouldn’t be able to read them and do a good job.

  2. Oh gawd, I so do that. I’m like a train at times. I have to really curtail myself to be understood in school. My sis is about the only one who keeps up when I’m off on one. I’ve always been the same. 🙂 x

  3. Yeah, he can talk fast without stuttering. I could never do that. They would do like 9,000 takes, and then have Wizard do it instead.

  4. I haven’t even watched the video yet because I’m listening to your U2 one. But, I bet you it’s because it is erectile tissue and God thought they should have at least one other erogenous zone ‘cos we women have so many. I bet that’s it. Or maybe they used to have boobs to help women out with tfeeding the progeny and God realised they would never step foot outside the house cave again while they enjoyed….never mind….anyway, God thought, ‘Sod that for a game of soldiers, I’m gonna let evolution do away with the mammaries and they can forever pine over what they had and despoiled by over indulgence.’
    U2’s finished now so I’ll post this and have a listen. Hope I’m right. 🙂 x

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