How To… deal with online assholes


*Pardon my language on this one guys, but I really can’t find another word for these people! If it’s upsets you, just don’t read it.*

Most of us have been visit by an online asshole at least once. These are people who scout the blogosphere to find people they can leave a nasty comment to wreck their day. Yes, I know, we should ignore them. But I can’t. Because they are harassing people I care for as well. So I think that it’s best to give them something to chew on. Just one little bone. It makes me feel better!  🙂

Anyway, back to the assholes. I don’t have a clue what’s wrong with these people. Maybe they are unhappy with their own lives? Maybe they just want attention? I really don’t know.

And I don’t want to know either because people like that, I don’t want to have around.

What I

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