Intricate Sculptures Carved from a Single Pencil

Would you have the patience for this? No me.



Hungarian artist and deviantART user cerkahegyzo carves intricate miniature sculptures from a single lead pencil (with the exception of #5 & #15, not sure how he did those!). The artist says it’s a hobby and form of relaxation for him and that he carves them in his free time. During the day he works as a professional tool-maker in Hungary.

Cerkahegyzo says he started carving after coming across the highly detailed sculptures of artist Dalton Ghetti who also uses lead pencils as his preferred medium. Tools used include: needles, razor blades, sandpaper, files, polishing stones and all varieties of pencils (e.g., HB, B, 2B, 4B).

Below is a small collection of the artist’s unbelievable artwork. Be sure to check out his deviantART profile to see his entire portfolio.

[via minngirl, SoundGuyJake]




pencil_carving_by_cerkahegyzo (3)




pencil_carving_by_cerkahegyzo (15)

Artwork by cerkahegyzo @…

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