The Art of Cutting Feathers by Chris Maynard

Awesomely beautiful.



Using eye surgery scissors, forceps and a magnifying glass; artist Chris Maynard turns moulted feathers into works of art. For Chris, feathers are one of nature’s great achievements. Not only do they make flight possible, they also insulate and come in a wide variety of beautiful colors and patterns that help birds hide or attract a mate.

Based in Olympia, Washington, USA, all feathers used by Chris are legal to both use and sell. He acquires feathers from private aviaries and zoos sourcing many of his feathers from birds that are not native to North America. Below you will find a small selection of feather cutting artworks that Chris refers to as Cut Feather Shadowboxes.

Although the original shadowboxes are only available for sale in the United States, anyone is able to purchase prints of the artworks through Chris’s SmugMug account.


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