Constitutions Prevented from Being Handed Out….On Constitution Day

This is a bit old (last year), but well worth the short read for Americans.

Marine Vet For Freedom

first-amendment-on-scroll1A students’ rights group says “everybody” at a California junior college should have known it was wrong to block a student from handing out copies of the U.S. Constitution on campus.

Robert Van Tuinen, a student at Modesto Junior College, was handing out copies of the Constitution on Constitution Day (September 17) but was stopped by a school security guard. After hearing the student also was trying to start a chapter of Young Americans for Liberty (YAL), school officials echoed the security guard’s message and told Van Tuinen he needed to fill out the proper paperwork to hand out material, obtain prior permission, and then wait for his turn.

Alyssa Farah, YAL’s director of communications, says while Van Tuinen tried to calmly explain to officials that it was his First Amendment right to hand out the Constitution, they would have none of it. “School administrators and [staff] just were not…

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