Easy rider

Great fun!

In and around Dublin


– Oy, Nikko, will ya tattoo me, will ya? Go on I’m ready
– Are you positive Maureen? Are you sure? 
– Sure, I’m sure, ha go an, tattoo me
– D’you have a design in mind?
– Course I do. D’you think I’m a spa or wha? Tattoo me a shopping trolley
– […]
– with wings sticking out of it. Hell’s angels style, like… 
– … yeah… sure… D’you know where you want it tattooed? 
– Course I do, d’you think I’m a total spa? I want to have it done here, in your shop, you big feckin eedjit 
– I mean, where on your…erm… body, d’ya want it?
– On me right boobie of course, close to me heart, like.
– Oh, right… 
– Tell me Nikko, how much will that set me back?
– Depends Maureen, depends. How big d’you want it? I’d say between…

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