“target” = how to offer an effective apology???

Very good advice to us all. Thanks to Target, it appears they actually hire some people with an education.

Pocket Perspectives


Ahhh…. apologies…an ongoing challenge in any relationship….mistakes are made, feelings are hurt, complications result… How can we learn to offer sincere, effective apologies? What kinds of apologies do we wish we would receive from others?


apology art of effective apologies title


How to offer sincere and effective apologies???  What specific steps might we take to create that apology? How can we remember those important steps when we “need” them? How can we repair the damage we may have done?


apology art of steps


Oddly enough, there was a full page “letter of apology” in the newspaper today… an apology that actually contained many helpful steps in offering apologies to others….a letter from the CEO of Target to the impacted Target customers from the credit card information hacking.


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