Support & Love…Online

thC042B6VDYou asked what you could do to help

In this time of crisis;

Although we only talk through the computer,

Never meeting, eye to eye,

We are friends, family,

Not strangers.


What could you do for me

Without touching my hand;

Without seeing my tears;

Without hearing the pain in my voice?


Your friendship comes through

With each time you write me.

Your love is shown each timead896e189f7c1388dcd8900224625e96

You read my novella of an email.

Your hugs are felt

With each supportive word.


I see your hand offer me a

Tissue for my tears.

I see your eyes never wavering

From my sad eyes.

I see you push your hair behind your ear to

Hear me better.

I feel your arms around me,

While we just sit,


And then say goodnight. 


11 thoughts on “Support & Love…Online

  1. Aw, Rene, I loved this post just because it says so much of what I feel about friends online. But knowing it’s dedicated makes it 100% more lovable. Thank you. Touched beyond measure.
    I came in last night from my big night and logged on briefly. But must have crashed! Ate way too much. Gorgeous food. Drank a wee bit but not too much. Was just shattered so I missed these comments.

    I’m laughing at the weird Anne-Marie. Think you might have contacted the wrong weird one. I’m from Glasgow!
    Right I still never know, despite being told umpteen times, what time it is here or there or anywhere for that matter.
    At the moment, it’s 1.25 p.m. here. And I’m lying in my bed drinking coffee and browsing. What a slob! But great!
    I’m about to move my lazy butt and get myself organised. I don’t have a heavy day on today. Whoopee! So I’ll be writing, doing a bit of housework (No, I won’t, but it sounded plausible and I’m feeling a bit guilty on that front). I have church later this evening. But I’m pretty good for a Skype whenever we can match times.
    Ooh, I just googled ‘time in Las Vegas right now’ and it said 5.26a.m. so I’m 8 hours ahead of you. I’ll have to try and remember that for future reference.
    So you’re probably sleeping.
    Tell me when is a good time for you and we’ll meet on skype. I’ve never done this before. It’s quite exciting! Lol. 🙂 x Hugs.

  2. I looked at again, and it be sayin’ rene.winsor. I sent someone from Edinburgh, United Kingdom, named Anne Marie, an invitation. I sure hope it was you and not some really weird Scottish person.

  3. Ok, when Shaun did it, he gave me Shaun1973. I tried many ways to search me, to find what my ‘name’ was, and for the life of me I couldn’t find me. All I found out is there is someone in Brazil who is named rene.winsor. I so need to talk to this person and see why they think they can just wander in and take my name. I am so sure I didn’t do it to them.;)
    So, try rene.winsor and if that doesn’t work, see what your log in is, and tell me. I will turn on the ole Skyperony now.

    BTW. I forgot to do this, and then people were liking it before I could go back and make it right, but this is dedicated to you. But, hey, you knew that already didn’t you.

  4. Exactly. This is so lovely and true.

    Btw, I’ve downloaded Skype. Haven’t got a feckin’ clue what I’m supposed to do with it. Lol. But you’re an old hand at it now so I’ll let you guide me. Maybe catch you on it if we can exchange whatever it is we have to exchange and synch time. 😉 x

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