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7 thoughts on “~The Hughman Daily~

  1. Sounds like you’re well out of that one. 🙂
    Anyway, i can’t use a priest. Already done that once and he’s just made me dinner so I can’t complain. Not the priest. He wasn’t making me dinner.! Hubby was. And it was yummy….but not as yummy as Hugh. Ah well, that’s what dreams are for. 😉 x

  2. You are even using a priest? Wow! I had a b/f here in ‘Vegas who became a cleric overnight, a legal cleric, just by paying a really small fee ($15 or so) and printing a certificate. Then I couldn’t date him as it would so ruin my rep to date a cleric. He did it just to show how messed up the world is. He was antisocial for the most part, and quite a pessimist. His goal was to get enough money and then move to Armenia. Not sure what the beauty was, but when we finally split I told him I was never going to move to Armenia.


  3. I didn’t have anything on so I thought it would be inappropriate for me to hang about the pool side while he arranged our final wedding preparations with the priest! 🙂 x

  4. Really? You are worrying about swimming while you love is hanging on the edge? Perhaps you should be giving him more time so he is not flirting on the side of the pool.

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