Whew! What a nutty ‘puter day.

Just a short blurb here to let you know I am probably going to be dead tomorrow.  Yup!  That is right; I can predict the days now.  NOT!

I spent almost the entire day (the part that wasn’t spent taking dog out, cleaning poo, feed the crew, etc.) creating a new FB page for Mind Chatterings.  If any of you have been following many of my personal blogs, you will understand why I don’t want this blog to be picked up by certain family members.

I took a lot of time adding great pictures, citing the photographer; funnies; and just beautiful pictures I have kept for lack of a story to go with them…yet.  This all took a friggin’ ton of time.

So, then came the whole link up to the WP blog.  I seriously thought it would be easier than it was…for me.  Long story short, and this one really is, I finally got it all working together.  I even back checked it, something the government sure isn’t doing with anything.  All is working fine, and looks okay, not perfect, but fine.

When ya’ all get a chance sign up for the FB page and for the email notification of each blog.  I sure do love to know my favorite authors have written in a morning email; I go the their first.

Peace & Love


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