Why Angelina Jolie is a role model for young people…..

I am sure haters are going to hate, but this is how I have seen her since Girl Interrupted. Peace & Love


Glossy, eyes like diamonds, skin like  living alabaster, chiselled cheekbones and with a somewhat sophisticated demeanour, Angelina Jolie is considered to be bizarrely beautiful when compared with her fellow Hollywood contemporaries. For unlike younger stars such as Jennifer Lawrence or Kristen Stewart, Ms Jolie’s looks are dark, exotic, and elegantly mature. Nothing is refined as her acting talent though. Glimpses of her extraordinary abilities can be seen in movies such as A Mighty Heart, Girl Interrupted and Changeling (the latter two for which she was nominated for an Oscar).


Yet beneath the glitz and glamour, Ms Jolie represents the image of celebrity at its most humanising and aware. When she was in her mid 20s and on the set of her 2000 film Tomb Raider,  Ms Jolie was filming in Cambodia, one of the poorer countries in Asia where one in eight children dies over the age of…

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