“WHAT THE FRECK”? I Could Not Believe What I Read About My Good Friend Joe.”

This is a prime example of how a simple moment could save one person. Bank of America is so damned big, they have no connection with anyone: employees, customers, and as shown here, even beneficiaries of donations. What kind of man is this Ken Lewis, CEO of Bank of America?
Please read and take some form of positive action, even if it is only a repost of this post.

Peace & Love

Recovery Can Start Here ~A Gamble Free & Sober Blog ~Celebrating Life In Recovery~

Shame, Shame, Shame, ON BANK OF AMERICA, and it’s CEO, BRIAN MOYNIHAN…

I first want to say to my good friend JOE, always remember, I HAVE YOUR BACK! And YOU are not ALONE, as many do care including myself……*Cat*
Does this look familiar?

My dear recovery friends, supporters, and Welcome New Visitors. You will NOT believe what you are about to read. I met my new friend “Joe Mikos” on Twitter a while ago, and it had been a while since I last visited his awesome blog. He told me he just celebrated his 56th Birthday with his family, and had a “new blog post” about having his B-day “At the taco truck”!…..LOL…
I have to tell you, Joe has a *Beautiful Family* photo attached to his short post.  He is a very BLESSED man when it comes to his family.
While I was reading, I noticed another…

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