Animaniacs! Life is good…

Yesterday, after watching the last Sherlock offered by Amazon Prime, I was bored. 

I would have cried,

but then I wouldn’t have been able to see the screen. 

Then, out of no where,
a suggestion came from the gods at Amazon. 

They put just one of the seasons of Animaniacs up

as a token of other tempting videos to check out.  thLNMKOY1Z


Oh, was I so happy and, and well…

a bit manic. 


I quickly clicked on the one offered, th8QUP4YMB

and it led to more, and even

Pinky & the Brainas a token of other tempting videos to check out

Oh, can we say, H-A-P-P-Y? 

As far as I am concerned Mr. Spielberg can stop right now,

he is done,

this is the best work he has ever put his name to. 


So, just a warning to all my friends out there,

two things are bound to happen in the next few weeks,

as there are a ton of shows to watch:

I will either be off the blog for extended periods, th922DG31B

recovering from marathon Animaniacs adventures; or

I will be so nutty,

I will write until my fingers fall off,

and no body will really understand much of it anyway. 

You have been warned. 

I am sure there is a warning label somewhere saying

Written/Driving/Walking under the influence of a marathon Animaniacs session“,

well there should be. 


Just watch one episode,

not a whole season until you have been to your doctorDrScratchansniff

to check your heart and humor bone, and see if you don’t come out

a little weirder,

but more wonderful. 

So, I shall be starting in 10-35 minutes. 

You have been warned, and


even Double Dawg Dared. 


Oh, and Pinky & the Brain

is graduate stuff,

so don’t watch this

until at least one whole season of Animaniacs

A Sample, just one little episode…

watch with you head hanging off the bed or couch…

works best for me. 


11 thoughts on “Animaniacs! Life is good…

  1. I love the Animaniacs! 🙂 Too bad these episodes weren’t available on the Instant viewing option of Netflix.

  2. Right, let’s clarify here. Are you saying I’m more mental than you? I like to know these things. 🙂
    And I’ve never even seen one Super Bowl Game. I’ve watched the odd World Cup. Even though I hate football. Would that count? 😉 x

  3. I am sure you are great with play dough. *”Nurse, has she had her meds yet?” *Quietly backing away, not taking my eyes off you*
    Let’s just say, there are not many subject which are not covered or spoke of between us. It is like a Super Bowl Game!

  4. Wait a cottonpickin’ minute here! Am I getting a reputation?! Sexual! I’ll have you know I like play dough too! You should see the things I can make from it! Lol. 😉 x

  5. Yeah, this stuff is a bit too adult in humor for you. They may look like cute little whatevers, but they are very mature (not always sexual, jeez) in the humor. They do a lot of pieces from popular and classical literature. Parodies if you like.

  6. Nah! Too sophisticated for me! I have to concentrate and that doesn’t work at this time of night. If that had been Bugs I’d have been teeheeing. He just does that to me. 🙂 x

  7. That made little or next to no sense to me! I vaguely remember hearing the Animaniacs theme tune. But if it’s not Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry or Daffy Duck I kind of zone out. Oh and Yogi Bear! Okay BooBoo, I’ll give it a watch. But I’m not promising anything. It would take a big conversion to get me off of Bugs. 😉 x

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