Positive Work in America

My mum steered me to an awesome new website today: NationSwell.  The last story about depression, suicide, and men, was inspired by just one well written and informative piece from this web magazine.  The sidebar offered many more stories which were about real people helping America.  Then I read on to find out what the whole goal of the site was, and I am truly inspired to keep reading more and more pieces from this site.  Here is just a part of the inspiration behind the site:

Like you, we are frustrated by Washington’s dysfunction and the fixation on it. We believe there is more to the story of America today – and if we shift the lens and look beyond Washington, we will discover that the solutions to our national challenges are all around us.

This one statement reflects so much of the sentiment I have read from fellow WP bloggers from America and from my FB friends.  I hate the constant slamming of the government: it just seems to unproductive and really depressing.  Since I am homebound, I feel totally despondent not being able to really act in a more direct manner to change things.  I hope by spreading the word in many of the postings I do on WP and FB I am making a small difference.  I really think the awareness of people and groups offered on the NationSwell web magazine will uplift those of us who do get so depressed and frustrated at America’s circumstances. 

The magazine is free, although on each story there are places where one can donate to the specific cause.  Here is just a sampling of some of the headlines offered right now:

Bravery After Battle: How This Navy SEAL Uses His War Wounds to Help Fellow Soldiers

Utah Is on Track to End Homelessness by 2015 With This One Simple Idea

How Meditation Is Bringing Calm to San Francisco’s Toughest Schools

Soda Cans and Computer Fans Are Keeping Poor Denver Families Warm

Phoenix Just Became the First City to End Chronic Veteran Homelessness. Here’s How

This 11-Year-Old Does More to Help Animals Before School Than Most of Us Do in a Lifetime

Please just take a moment to check this magazine out, especially if you live in America.  A very good read and well worth the time.  I have read several of the articles, and have found them to be of good quality as to grammar, informational value, and concise. 

Peace & Love


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