These are the things I need to know: 6

Ok, words really fail me here.  Well…not totally.  So, what I am getting out of this little new techie crazy thingy, is if I feel lust for, dig, am simply horny for a guy, the bra will just snap off.  Sucks if you are in public, ya’ think!  Watch the vid and tell me if you are going to ask for one of these for x-mas.


2 thoughts on “These are the things I need to know: 6

  1. Yeah, I was thinking, ‘ok, so I can unsnap it, or he can, when I am turned on, ok.’ But then when it shows it just flings off, noting it must be a some what tight fit already, that is like an invitation like, ‘just take me’. And people really spend time and money on things like this. Nuts!

  2. lol! True love isn’t always determined by heart rate…what if you’re dealing with anxiety, you’re wearing this bra, and then–BOOM!–it becomes unhooked? Or what if you’re having a really erotic fantasy in public and then…you guessed it–the bra becomes unhooked? Not the greatest idea but it sure was entertaining, lol! 😉

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