I Remember Nothing!


One thought on “I Remember Nothing!

  1. I can remember having my finger bitten by a chicken! I would have been about four. And I can still see the event in my mind and who was there and where it took place. Must have been traumatised by it!
    I’ve noticed that my youngest still recollects when her nana was with us before she died. I had brought her home to our house and there were lots of occasions for the wee one to interact with her. She recollects the day my mum died and the ‘box’ and so many other little bits around that time.
    Anna was three at the time and she’s now just turned seven. I wonder how much she will remember later. She was always very matter of fact in recalling the events so I don’t think she was ‘traumatised’. All my kids were very close to my mum and they all have memories of that time and obviously ones from before. I suppose it was such a big thing that this is maybe why Anna remembers it. Time will tell.
    Also sometimes I wonder whether memories are genuine or merely recollected stories from events told by others of that time. Fascinating stuff. 🙂 x

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