Flinching in the Shower


Flinching in the shower, with Hank.  The general message here is quite good.  The book, The Flinch by Julien Smith, is free on Kindle, just checked it. 

7 thoughts on “Flinching in the Shower

  1. So, are you saying you will take your hot shower then run outside naked? See you leave my mind a bit of room and I go all nine miles with it. LOL

  2. WTF! That sounds about right. I think it was my dad told me years ago to finish with a cold shower. i don’t do it all the time right enough. And certainly not in today. Started snowing here.although it’s not now lying. too wet with it. So lots of ice around for tomorrow. That’ll give me all the cold I need. 😉 x

  3. The cold shower finish is actually really good for the skin, and makes the hair shine, even the hair on your back (if your a guy). Also, when it is cold in the house, and I finish a shower, I like the cold water so my body isn’t slammed with a sudden burst of cold air. I used to really enjoy the Swedish pool at the old spa I used I went to. It is like a Jacuzzi on there is a cold waterfall and lukewarm water. All the old ladies used to just stare when I went in it, they would stop talking and just stare. WTF?

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