Do all rich people have a selfish personality?

I don’t think it is all rich people we have a problem with: just the ones who are making decisions about the lower socioeconomic group, yet have no idea of the realities of this group.

Queendom Blog

ImageIt’s hard not to paint the filthy rich with the same dirty brush. And so hard not to punch someone who flaunts their wealth.

“I’m in the process of having my condo built to my specifications,” said a silver-spooned, snob of an acquaintance I run into occasionally. “I took the top floor. I don’t want people’s annoying children running around making noise. And I insisted that they use only the best marble for my counter-tops. Once it’s all done I’ll invite you over for drinks. Martinis, of course.”

I plastered a fake smile on my face as I listened to her drone on. Her only saving grace, or the only thing that made me feel good, was that as rich as she was, she was always envious of other people. If you were wearing something she liked, she would spend the rest of the night staring at it like a…

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