Olympic Sports which used to exist…Really!


3 thoughts on “Olympic Sports which used to exist…Really!

  1. I like the idea of that. Pick their best sides and go for it. Losers in the mud.

    Hope it goes ok at the docs. I’ll have to to bed now. 😦 One day till the weekend. 🙂 We can catch up. Hugs.x

  2. I like the tug of war as well, only I think it should be the nation’s leaders. Putin v O’Bama, good to go. We could decide peace with this. We could have peace! Oh, okay, back to reality. ;(
    I kind of remember one of them, but now I can’t think of which one it was. I think the ballet skiing is weird. How many twisted or broken ankles just to get that perfect pirouette? I am thinking it was the diving one, but I think the date was off for me, so I don’t remember. I have an update from my docs office. Will email you.

  3. There are some weird and wonderful events here. Solo synchronized swimming! Wonder where the synchronizing comes into it. I’d like to see the tug of war back. I like that one. 🙂 x

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