Welcome to the BRAND NEW USA, That was allowed to happen!


3 thoughts on “Welcome to the BRAND NEW USA, That was allowed to happen!

  1. Great visual!
    Just listened again to the full speech from JFK and it would have been a proud moment for the journalists in the audience to be handed such a baton of trust. I would have been so chuffed if it been directed at me. And yet, it doesn’t really flow like that any more. Sound bites for so many things. And a press not as unbiased as they should be. It is a disservice to nations and to their profession when they do not honour that trust. Ours is way slanted too depending on which paper we read or TV programme we watch. The coverage just now on the Independence debate is a prime example.

    I read your email as soon as I got it. I am preserving it! And I’ll get back to answering asap. Big hugs, missus. x

  2. Government control and a society who is too damn lazy to care. We seriously are a country of sheep, so docile and cajoled into what we should think, feel, and do. I see it all the time. I hear people making arguments based on TV news or other main stream media, not on research, or even giving some quarter to the possibility of things being different than what is being preached. In the little conversations I have heard of recent, if a person is questioning the main stream idea, then they are goofy, trouble makers, conspiracy nuts, etc. I thought after Vietnam America would wake to the power the media has over them, but no, they pulled the covers up and turned the TV louder. Good visual there, think I will borrow that from me again! We are a young nation who thinks we know more than the old nations. We were pompous when we started this nation, and we haven’t changed.
    There is one American’s view. Take it or leave it.
    I did an email, long ass email, I want it preserved and treasured for all posterity.

    Peace & Love

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