The Hughman for the Day



7 thoughts on “The Hughman for the Day

  1. We did our best with what we had (his friggin’ great bod works with anything). Oh, and his checkbook didn’t hurt either: buy anything to work for him. Still haven’t received that Mont Blanc pen though. You need to discuss this with him. I won’t be seeing him for some time, so it is up to you now. lol
    Scott, well he was having a 10th anniversary with his wife and all. That made things a bit challenging for him, me slobbering and him having to explain why his shirts were wet. His wife was loverly for letting me borrow him. LOL

  2. By the way, he was a very good guy. We just talked about Viggo, Scott Stapp, and just about any other heart throb guy I could come up with. Oh, we also chatted about his wee dog and the little boots he wears. Oh, and his weird sneakers that have toes. Yeah, that was all we discussed. He posed, I shot, it’s all done and is up for your viewing pleasure. He was really flattered we had a page for him each day. This is so funny! ;p

  3. And doesn’t the leading lady look in 7th heaven? Hope Hugh behaved himself on your travels. He’s a bit of a devil at times. I’ll be waiting to hear from him soon then. Have to have a long chat with hubby now. But I’m sure he’ll understand. 😉 x

  4. I so knew you would say that. This one was for you special. Sorry they weren’t going up for a day or so. Hugh and I had to journey around and let me get some pics to post. I told him they were for a special woman in Scotland. He was interested, took your email, said he would get with you when he had a chance. A little ambiguous I know, but I tried. LOL

    Peace & Love

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