Lane Changer

Been there, seen this shit! Pay Attention!

I'm Dying

Do y’all ever have one of those weeks….?Image

I don’t even wanna try to get into details about how bad it has been.

I’m going to summarize.    Okay?

I want to kill everybody that drives a car in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.[BRL]

There I said it…

I am familiar with my Miranda rights and I type these words cognizant of the possible ramifications.

Although this is fantasy in its greatest form, everyone has to have a dream or a goal.

Let’s pretend that I am serious….no wait….I AM serious.

Let’s just PRETEND that I’ll go thru with it.

I want to go “monster truck style” down Interstate 10 thru BRL between Hwy 415, across the Mississippi River Bridge, past the Interstate 12 interchange all the way to Exit 173 in Geismar.

Either direction…..East or west, I don’t care.   Both ways must pay for their insolence….and inbreeding.

Y’all know road rage….when it…

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