Pretty Ballerina

…and he’s off…to a very bad week.

Bitter Humble Pie

I was a Prima Ballerina that fell from God’s grace in a previous life…..Image

I most certainly had my “grace” taken from me.

Let me explain…..

It is Saturday morning.

It is my bath day, twice removed.

I badly needed a shower and a shave.

By looking in the mirror before me, I will be requiring a bra soon as well….

This has been a very bad week.

Everything that could go wrong during the commission of my duties as a trucker did go wrong.

Traffic, Road Rage, Baton Rouge, new on-board computer system, new payroll system….Baton Rouge…..

It’s just been one of those weeks that come every so often to all of us in one form or another.

I am looking forward to this shower.

I NEED this shower.

I don’t stink mind you, but I just need hot water, steam, 2nd degree burns and shampoo that doesn’t…

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