My Menion update!

Ok, I know many of you know Jason Momoa from Game of Thrones, but I have been watching this yummy man for some time.  Here he is in his latest endeavor, and he is also playing one of my favorite supernatural creatures.  How is it he just fits this part so well? 


9 thoughts on “My Menion update!

  1. Ach, don’t say that. My 16 year old was saying that to me the other day about herself. All her pals cry at soppy movies and she doesn’t. Thought there was something lacking with her! She just has a great sense of humour and balance in life and isn’t swayed so strongly by contrived emotion. But still one of the most loving kids. So don’t kid, missus. Your secret is out. x

  2. The Ring was probably the movie you are talking about. Now, just to make you stay up tonight, there was a Ring II. Oh, yeah! It was scary. When I didn’t die after the 5 days, or whatever it was, I was like, ‘I was never afraid, yeah I am bad’.

  3. I ‘ve watched a few on my own and been scared to go up to bed. You’re right I am a wuss!
    One I remember was about some wee strange lassie that came out of the video at you. Can’t remember the name of it. But I was freaked. had to watch till the end though ‘cos you know you just have to do that. So everything will be sorted and you can go to bed happy. But it didn’t work with this one. Scared the bejaysus out of me even at the end.
    I used to love watching the old Hammer House of Horror movies when I was a kid if my mum would let me or I could get her to overlook my presence in the living room. That’s when I discovered the usefulness of cushions. but I used to have terrible nightmares afterwards!
    No wonder I like musicals and a good comedy. 🙂 x

  4. Am not! Just like my fear tempered with a cushion to hide behind and a big pair of strong arms to snuggle into. If I can arrange both at the same time I might give this a go. Or not. 😉 x

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