Hughman special: The Jay Leno Sendoff

There are a lot of celebrities on this vid, but HUGHMAN followers, Hugh is in the beginning.  Watch him, he actually his working, not movies. 



3 thoughts on “Hughman special: The Jay Leno Sendoff

  1. I guessed you did. And you’re a total sweetie that you did. I don’t fall for this hard-boiled image. 🙂 I’m throwing roses for all the lovely pics you post. x

  2. Well I do have quite an audience, and I do have a real sense of sarcasm to be envied by all. I don’t know if I could also live without all the vegies and fruits I get at every show (on the stage, slightly bruised). Did you like the Hughman part, though? I did this for you specifically.

  3. Had NO idea who this guy was. But now, without resorting to google, I do. And he must be someone special to gather such a host of celebrities in his honour. He will be back though. They always are. Retirement just does not figure with a job you love. And an audience that love you. Would you? No, me neither. 😉 x

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