Here is the beginning of the FEMA Camps of ‘bed element’ of the public.

Shaun has been saying this, and now Anonymous.  How much more needs to happen before we wake up.  Anon is right, this could be us tomorrow, seriously me tomorrow.  We have all these vacant homes and charities willing to help, but we are turning into those futuristic cities where the ugly element is gotten rid of.  Pay Attention!

Shaun’s findings:

Please pass this on.  This is real.  I know in Las Vegas, Nevada, when Mayor Oscar Goodman took over, he decided there would not be any homeless in the city limits of Las Vegas.  All homeless arrested or made to leave the city limits, and from a few stories I heard, it was quite brutal for some.  Then the homeless started appearing the more affluent areas of Clark County, in which the City of Las Vegas is part.  I am not sure what the current local state of matters are, but his wife won the mayoral race and is now the Mayor of Las Vegas.

Like Shaun says, look these things up for yourself.  Talk to those in other cities through social networking.

Peace & Love



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