Lit courses: Emily Dickenson


5 thoughts on “Lit courses: Emily Dickenson

  1. I had an undergrad English prof who decided every single book we were supposed to read in the semester had undertones of sex. Including the Rocking Horse Winner. It was too much, I had to drop the class. 😉

  2. I enjoyed that, Rene. I knew next to nothing about Emily Dickinson.
    I always think it’s interesting that people analyse a poet’s work and give interpretations which may or may not be true.
    I can’t remember who the author was but apparently some well know chappie was asked about what he meant when he wrote a particular line in a poem and his answer was, ‘At one point only God and I knew what I meant by those words. Now only God knows.’
    So much of writing is subjective to the reader and we’re told at school to give thought to interpretation. Then we get told, ‘No. that’s not what they meant by that.’ Well, how do they know? Did they ask the author and have it explained? One person’s take on it may be as valid as another’s. Then students are told, ‘Ah, you just don’t know because…..’
    I think people write what they feel and select the words that seem right to them to convey their thoughts. Then it may be that the reader’s interpretation is accurate or gauges a lot of what the message is. But I don’t know that I believe that every word written by any author is ever so exactly chosen to convey only one meaning. Or that it can only be understood in one way.
    Anyway, that’s my homework, Miss. Hope you pass me on this one. Just a few thoughts on the random nature that can be writing. 😉 x

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