Psych 101: #5

Ok, what I learned from this was:

1. Hank loves his Corgie

2. Hank gets sidetracked just as easy as I do

3. Hank is serious about the word ‘sherbert’

4. Clowns are still evil.


7 thoughts on “Psych 101: #5

  1. She’s been trying to get me to read one of his books, ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ and I’ve just not got round to it yet. Started it then stopped. She watches the vids that both do. When she found out I was watching the ones you posted she was all, ‘I’ve been trying to get you to listen to those!’ Oops!
    Anyway, they all know too much about stuff they shouldn’t and not enough about stuff they should. 😉
    My opinion!
    They follow all sorts of people. I’m impressed that she follows Hank and John, though. Must have good taste. 🙂 x

  2. Ok, I will put up some lit courses.
    I thought Brian May was from Top Gear. ???
    Anthony or Trace are from the Dchannel vids. John is Hank’s brother. He does some of the rant vids, and the chem classes. I am not sure who does the lit classes. Will post one of John when I find one.

  3. I would definitely watch that. in fact, I’d probably watch them all whether i understood them or not. One of my favourite TV programmes since forever it seems was ‘The Sky At Night’. I don’t know if it was ever aired in America. But I was always entranced by it. The presenter, Patrick Moore, died a couple of years ago at 89, I think. He was like an English eccentric but so fascinating to listen to. I would start off knowing what he was talking about and then invariably get lost in all the complexities. But still listened any way because he was so charismatic.
    He had Brian May on his programme a few times. Turns out Dr. Brian May of Queen fame studied astronomy! Listening to then talk was surreal.
    I also used to watch loads of Open University course programmes late at night just for fun! They’re so interesting when there’s no exam to worry about. 🙂
    My daughter told me Hank had a brother. Is that the other guy you sometimes post? The one who was talking about cigs versus the bong/bubble pipe?
    I’ll sign up for the courses if you promise I won’t be tested. Although I might go to a couple of quiz nights afterwards. 🙂 x

  4. No, I do the same thing, and I tutored Psych 101 for two years. I was just thinking I must have had a lousy education, but perhaps I am just old and he talks fast. Yeah, I am going with the latter explanation. There are times I have to go, ‘I don’t remember being told that…’ I would do the history or chemistry courses, but I know I would be so lost. They also do a literature course. I think his brother, John, does the lit course. What do you think about me running that?

  5. Yeah, I got all that too. 🙂 Lovely Corgi it is too. And clowns are scary.
    I’m glad I’m not taking a test at the end of this course. Still love listening to him though. Some of it I actually know and then other bits I go, ‘Sorry, could you repeat that please? Maybe like fifty times!’ Or is it just because my brain is tired and a bit frazzled? 😉 x

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