These are the things I need to know: Pilots secrets

4 thoughts on “These are the things I need to know: Pilots secrets

  1. Well, the swimsuits were out at Wally World today. There is wind, but it is nice. It was so warm yesterday, I could have hung out at the pool. We have buds on the bushes and trees, which I hope do not get all messed up if we have a cold flash. It is nice, it will be a warm summer, well…warm is not really the word is it? It is always hot, but one good thing about being disabled and home bound is I am always in the controlled environment. I get scared if the AC should stop working, or the power go out. I feel so bad about those who are homeless in the heat.

  2. The last time I was on a flight was about 27 years ago! I’m presuming things may have been worse then. And I still loved it. Seriously, I’d take my chances if the outbound destination had sunshine and sea I could swim in. How is your weather, btw, Rene? Still glorious? 😉 x

  3. Aw, is that why you insist on driving all over the country?

    Hey, question while it is in my prefrontal cortex: I remember seeing the ‘1million mile club’ once on a truck in a bay. I was told he was able to put this on his truck because he had driven over 1 m miles. Do you belong to this club, and can you advertise it at all? Do you want to if you are?

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