The Hughman for the Day



6 thoughts on “The Hughman for the Day

  1. Really! I try so hard to be nice and helpful when I can on the stupid bus, but people judge. I have learned not to judge, or am learning better. I don’t think I have judged a lot before my illness got so much worse, even while working in divorce court. I was often for Father’s rights, and really tried to see all sides, and all parties for who they were and not their anger and hurt. I tried to come to the table objective, not subjective, and wanted to help get through the anger and hurt as fast as possible so healing could start, and children wouldn’t be hurt so bad. I never, that I can remember, judged homeless people, alcoholics and addicts. I try, I may have judged disabled people without knowing they were disabled, I know I am not perfect…close though!

    Peace & Love

  2. To be fair, my few wrinkles are quite fetching! But it’s only me who says so!
    i do notice that some days they’re just kind of THERE, in your face. tired face you know? And other days I think, am I really 640? I don’t look it. Lol.
    I would just wait till all the old biddies looked scathingly at me. Then, I don’t know, piss on the seat or something. Serve them right for making you smile first thing in the morning. Bloody cheek!

  3. Not True! I have seen lots of women who really are beautiful not despite their wrinkles, but because of them. Me…I have no wrinkles, pre-natural youth. I even got a weird look from a new woman on the stupid senior bus today. I even smiled twice at her, and said good morning, which was really stretching all my efforts today.

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