Where was Hank?

7 thoughts on “Where was Hank?

  1. OK, missus. Keep the tresses intact. I don’t even know for sure that Asda and Walmart are one and the same. (But I think they are!)
    i don’t do yoga pants. But I can sew. How do you fancy a fetching kaftan? Circa 1960. I could run a couple of those up. Good for lounging in. 🙂 x

  2. If I am dragging my butt and crew to Scotland, I AM NOT SHOPPING AT WALMART OR ANYTHING AKIN. Got it! Seriously. We are making all new clothes for me, and I hope you know how to make yoga pants.

  3. Feck it! We’ll go to Walmart! We don’t have Walmart. Lol. But I think Asda belongs to them. And we got that. It’s all good. Just stuff. 🙂 x

  4. But I watch a show wherein they said that over 10,000 cargo containers a year in the sea. Got me real scared in sending my stuff to Scotland on a barge.

  5. Seriously. Think of the problems they were having with unsanitary conditions and illness which ran rampant. I had a friend who has taken a few cruises. He said the Disney Cruises were very dirty, probably all the kids, they are dirty. He said the best was the Celebrity Cruise. I am going to pay for 1st 1st VIP BadAss level, so I am not concerned about the conditions for the peons.

  6. He has just put me off any notion I may have ever had to go on a cruise. I could not bear to be in such close proximity to so many people without an escape route. I think I’d swim with the sharks. Seriously, my idea of hell! 🙂 x

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