The Hughman for the Day



8 thoughts on “The Hughman for the Day

  1. I am laughing so much at your reply AM and I really have to confess…..My name is Peter and I am Hugh’s friend……. Sorry Rene I have been getting every day in my email your daily Hugh and I was feeling a little left out so my alter ego took over and Hughs friend came out lol ………Sorry 🙂

  2. Shit, I’m totally confused now! Pete, I’ve just given you a row for being Hugh’s mysterious friend. And here you are popping up being ‘not him’!
    My head’s birling like a peerie. Between last night and the pipes and the stars. And who the feck set off the canon at 1a.m.? or was that my heart exploding from the sheer joy of having Hugh stalk me while you wooed me with Charlie is my darling’s finest whiskey and the skirl of the you know whats? This may be all too much. I might have to go confess to the father of my myriad weans and announce that I am a shameless hussy who deserves to be tied to the canon and horsewhipped with….well, a horsewhip, I suppose.
    Might we try again? And this time when Hugh calls will you please remember, that despite my fond regard for whiskey and you, there will only ever be one Hugh. Apart from my big brother. And I don’t use his name in the same breath as my Aussie paramour whose wife, if she ever gets wind of this, is duty bound (as all wife’s are) to give their man a severe kicking if caught straying with any trollop from a different hemisphere.
    I’m ok though, you see, because I have one foot in Scotland and the other on Bondi Beach, cobber. But you’re paddling up the brown creek without an implement that is shaped to swat flies with. Which is why you should always remember to wear your hat with the corks dangling. If your wife gets wind of last night it’ll be more than corks dangling, matey. 😉 x
    P.S. Great night btw. 😉

  3. Excuse me AM but you was with me last night, remember, I hired Edinburgh castle and we had that moon lit meal on the south tower while the pipes played in the background and you must remember you ordered the guards turn that Jackman fellow away, he mumbled something about a date and you and alone, he was even in his kilt and a really tight Jacobean shirt But anyway we had a better time without him…. 🙂

  4. Oh, the cheeky bugger! I just expended energy and breath on a phantom. Jeez, I usually just dream about them. Imagine wasting breath in daytime on them, Oh well, c’est la thingy. 😉 x

  5. I just unapproved the comment. The link doesn’t go anywhere. I think they may have just joined to say that. Whatever. I am not sure how one goes about doing this, I don’t have the energy for this kind on nonsense.

  6. Do I know where who is from? Hugh is from Australia, but you knew that. Yeah, I think you are alright. I just take the pics…we know the skinny.

  7. Oh, come on, bugger off! He loves it. I was, em, out with him last night and he told me that all the people ogling him was getting a bit distracting and his wife was a little concerned. She doesn’t mind me so much because I just live in fantasy anyway and don’t do the family unity much harm. But, apparently, all these other people who just like looking without building a relationship are somewhat worrying. She and he would like to announce their impending retirement to a small island off the coast of nowhere where there are no voyeurs. Except me. And I’ll be the one up the palm tree with a pair of binoculars and a bottle of suntan cream to the ready. She has to make the dinner sometime, surely. Then I’m in there like Flynn. And Flynn is banned too. 🙂 x
    Btw, where do you know him from. I don’t think I trust you. Lots of people claim acquaintance and it’s just not true. He told me so. Last night. He feckin’ did! Who you calling a liar?!

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