Lit Course: The Odyssey

5 thoughts on “Lit Course: The Odyssey

  1. I am so glad you can write so well and often. I guess you do the writing of the two of us, only without my language enhancements. There is the one woman who had artificial insemination and has a total of 8. She is on welfare and has to resort to stripping and nude pics to make money for here kids. She has had child services to her place a few times. Then there is the family on TV, who have like 18. Crazy shit. I just don’t get that. How can a child really feel the love of a parent with that many kids? They feel more love from the older kids, and the parent might not even know their favorite color. There are a few Mormon families I know of who are 5 or 6 kids deep, and that is just confusing for me. I knew an attorney who had 5 kids, and told me his wife had just gotten pregers. The attorney I worked for at the time wondered when he had time to prepare cases and appear in court.

  2. No, it’s not normal. I get weird looks every time anyone asks. All the, ‘Don’t you have a TV’ sort of comments. I’ve got more answers now than people have comments.
    There is a family I’ve read of not too distant from me that has thirteen! I kid you not. But it’s not usual. I hardly ever come across it. Mostly it’s two or three, maybe even four but that’s usually the limit. I’m exceptional. But then you knew that, didn’t you?! 🙂 x
    Just thinking of doing a wee post here based on that one minute of John’s. x

  3. I know. Well, and he too has a child, and I really don’t think you are willing to break up all the homes in America. I need to ask you something though. I read of another family in Scotland a while back. In the article, there was mention of her having 6 or 7 kids. Is this a normal thing for the Scottish, to have big families? Here we have them, some to the extreme, but it is not as normal as a rule.

  4. Brilliant! Maybe one of the best so far. I loved his wee speech from 6.55-7.57. Giving the patriarchs a row.
    I think I love John too. Now, before you go off on one, Rene, I know he’s married. I’m not talking biblical sense every time I say I love someone! Not every time. 😉 x

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