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  1. I know how you feel, I had a motorbike acvident in 89 and from then its been one thing after another from unable to walk for 3 months, incontinence, the tge fibro which is thought to been brought on by the accident, arthritis in majority of my ioints and spine, and recently with this motor functionality disorder which has really screwed me up, I was backwards and forwards to the doctors thinking that I was going mad and the doctors tjinking I was wasting their time, the just kept giving me pill after pills until 3 years ago I got a new doctor who assured me that I needed support and got me on the correct drugs, seeing the correct specialist even calling me at home to make syre I was ok. But saying all that Rene you cannot let it win, sometimes my days are so crap but I face it head on and do something which you can manage and enjoy life is to special to feel sorry tor yourself or caring what people yhink, you have a condition and to hell what others think live your life Rene as its yours 🙂

  2. Very helpful. I am waiting until I do anything new with food, meds, or back to my mat’e for my body to get rid of all this damn lyrica. I have had the iron supplements and didn’t feel anything different, except an upset stomach. The stockings thing, or elastic bandages, is a no go because of the blood clot crap. Oh, how I hate talking about my body. One issue tends to feed into more. I feel like I end up sounding either like I am falling apart or like a hypochondriac.

  3. The more you tell me about the patch, the less I want it. I do the banana, but am lactose intolerant, so no milk. I don’t even really like the taste of it. I give the Wizard Rice Milk, but that is about it, oh and creamer in my coffee. I have told the doctors I went to and they offered clonzopan.

  4. My wife suffers from RLS she just gets it when she is tired and it drives her nuts and even when she is sleeping her legs jump about but she won’t see the doc as she says there is nothing they can do…..but that is Angela for you lol.
    When my patch is missed or for some reason its not working efficiently I get restless arms and legs so I know what it feels like. Take tonight I change my patch at 10 ever 3rd day and tonight is the night and now I feel it starting in my stomach and my arms and the nearer to 10 I get the more irritable I get, then slap on the patch and by 10.15 its all away. In the summer I have to tape it on as the warm weather makes it come loose, I have woke up having huge withdrawals because its been so warm its come off, I really don’t want to go through that again, its nasty. I am really sorry that you are suffering like you are I have heard a banana and warm milk is good for RLS but you have to take the two together as the mix of the chemicals in the hot milk and the chemicals in the banana makes a sedative when mixed and helps RLS…..Again Angela won’t try as she hates milk lol

  5. Believe me its not as violent free as you think, its what goes on behind closed door that worries me, the levels of marital abuse is on the increase, people are getting stressed because the hike in prices and no increase in wages and this is increasing to volcanic proportions. As a child I lived with the violence of parents it was just a dirty secret were never spoke about it. People still hide it.

  6. I am sorry. I have been suffering from insomnia since early adulthood. I remember in high school, after work, I would love to hit my bed and I did sleep. Since then though, I haven’t really had very many good nights of sleep. You sound as if you have the pain on the level of poor Shaun. I have pain, but I guess it is not at those levels. The RLS is horrible when it keeps me awake, as I am very tired, but my legs and arms are so friggin’ annoying it is hard to relax at all.

  7. Night do suck……….said the Vampire……… seriously I am normally awake at 3am there is some really good crap on TV at that time of the morning lol even thought I have taken high does of dihydrocodine, and amytriptanal(spelling) along with the patch but the pain and discomfort gets me :-/

  8. I know how you feel Rene, I have weeks of so much pain that even my eyelids hurt and you just don’t wish to be bothered with anything or anyone but of course you have to I know if I didn’t focus I would just curl up into a corner and die.

    We have a selection of drug dealers even in my small city, I could possible get a gun in Dundee lol

  9. Well, that is scary. I sleep with the Wizard (Bichon) and he would be totally messed up. I am not good with morphine so it might not be good for me. I have found on this withdrawal, the extra pain pills I have used have caused me to have some of the effects I had in the hospital. When I have been on a continual supply, after a surgery, my legs and arms will just loose feeling, not RLS. I was having something akin to this the last couple of nights. I have also had really bad issues with RLS the last two nights as well. NIGHTS SUCK right now is all I can say. Thanks for the warning.

  10. Sure, just keep in mind, I am not available all the time. I am sick quite a bit right now, and thus don’t spend a lot of time online. I don’t want to commit to something and feel as if I have let others down.

  11. The patches can kill if your body is not use to high potent drugs such as morphine for at least 6 months. They can stop breathing. On the instructions it says if the patch comes off while sleeping and sticks to your partner you have to contact the emergency services immediately. I went to bed lol 😛

  12. You were meant to get her address to send her meds! Too late. She’s got a new supplier! Poor woman’s in agony and you went on holiday. Or something. 🙂 x

  13. Would you be interested if I set up a private chat room on one of my domain that way wecall xan have live chat and can invite others?

  14. I went down that road when I smoked and it did me great but there are suppose to be trails of a hash nasal spray which has been getting results, but no high from it…… they take away all the fun lol

    The patch I have you change every 3 days if you miss it, you know about it the pain kicks in and so do the withdrawal symptoms, its really bad so you must always have a patch spare, I get 12 a month and the best thing is prescriptions are free in Scotland. If I want to go out the country with the patches I have to get a letter from the government to say I am entitled to use it.

  15. I was taken Gabapentin Rene and it screwed me right up big time, now I use Fentanyl in a patch and get 25mg per hours, its 100 times more potent than morphine but without the dope affect. I was at the hospital seeing a neurologist who after 2 appointments with her and some tests say as well as the fibro I have a problem with the connections within the brain and the signals go to the wrong places and the signals to the limbs get screwed up hence the staggering, the mixed up words out my mouth as well as some other stuff. So I am going to have sessions with her and her team to learn how to deal with all this stuff.

    The brain thing used to be misdiagnosed as MS as the symptoms are almost identical. But oh well nothing I can do about it so I leave it up to the docs to deal with it while I get on with my life 🙂

  16. Thank you, its nice to be thought about 🙂 Energy I don’t have, but if I don’t do it no one else will, so bite the bullet, take rest when I can and try not to push my luck 🙂 I hope you and your brood are well………..and you of course Rene as we are taking your Hugh space with idle chatter lol 🙂 x

  17. Been coming off the Lyrica (again) and have been really struggling with all the after effects. I just read on the fibro board one woman who went off and she had to do it through a drug rehab center and it took her 45 days. Seriously, if I have to go through this again, I may think about that alternative. What gets me is they recently announced they are taking Cymbalta off the market as the withdrawal was too severe. If it was severe, I am so glad my body rejected it on the first taste. I can’t imagine going through withdrawal any worse than this stupid Lyrica. I touched base with Shaun, will miss him. I think he has really been getting abused on the blog though. I wish people could just read and ignore, or leave it alone. I don’t understand the cruel nature of people who sit at home and are mean.

  18. Woman! Aren’t you done yet? 7, isn’t that enough? Anyway, he has two of his own, and a loverly dog who wears shoes. Top that!

  19. Yup. That is what happened I am sure. He can handle the two and a dog, but 7, well… who can really handle all of those chillin’s.

  20. Well, of course, I wanted to know how you were doing too, Pete. 😉 Glad to hear you have so much energy. My bathroom could do with a coat of paint! 🙂 x

  21. Moi? Fine now thanks……Had a couple of hard pain days, was at the diabetic clinic as me to try a new diabetic injection as my control is to good and causing me to have hypo’s so instead of 10ml injections twice a day its just a 0.6 once a day and today spent it painting the bathroom, so the ceiling is sealed and pure white and the walls are a warm dark pink, it looks quite nice against the white wet wall lol I have got to do the jobs while I can, just have to do a couple of stencils to break the walls up 🙂

  22. You know why he looks like that? Every time someone clicks on a photograph of Hugh he get an electric shock to his testicles……. Its part of the Wolverine contract you know to make him look so moody!

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