Psyc course: #8 How do we define consciousness?


4 thoughts on “Psyc course: #8 How do we define consciousness?

  1. If I get out of bed and I don’t walk into anything or trip over anything then I am conscious of my surroundings but as we are talking consciousness, I will explain;

    Energy is being created all the time; however, energy density (that is energy per unit volume of space) is conserved and cannot be destroyed. An electrical spark is energy and as we have already learnt that energy cannot be destroyed. In your brain you are constantly producing electrical pulses from the simple thing of blinking our eye lids to making love, so where does that energy go?

    I believe that this is what makes up our consciousness, our souls over the years we build this energy and when out body is no longer able to make this energy we die. Now when we die where does that energy go, as we know it cannot be destroyed, so all that energy that we produced in a life time, all that love, anger, fear, joy, surprise, anticipation, disgust, laughter, kindness, unkindness. The physical things we do which also produces sparks of electricity in the brain, kissing, a touch, a hug, a stroke of a persons hair, rocking a baby to sleep, love making, laying in each others arms. Then what we see in our lives, moments of utter joy or sadness.

    All those things all produce energy and if it cannot go away it stays with us and when the body dies its transferred to what? We have to wait and see. 🙂

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