The Hughman for the Day



8 thoughts on “The Hughman for the Day

  1. Do you know how much a little bottle of Hughs pee will sell on Ebay, I bet there are loads of manic friends waiting for him to get out the water so they can start swimming in his effluent and filling in bottle of water. Romance ehh!!

  2. Shit! You’re both at it. I close my eyes for ten minutes to envisgae the beauteous scene and I come back to this. No wonder Hugh and I live apart. The world is conspiring to keep us from one another. And you two are on the payroll. Destiny will catch up with you both. Right after she’s flown me to Australia. Poetry and romance are dead. It’s official. I’m in mourning. 😦 x

  3. You’re crushing my romantic soul, Pete. I could hear the waves surging to the shore as Hugh called me to join him in Neptune’s bath to frolic among the waves……
    ……he needs to pee! Dream crushed. 😦

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