The Hughman for the Day



8 thoughts on “The Hughman for the Day

  1. Well, at least your uncle is not suffering any more. I don’t know if you have read my blog recently (besides looking at Hughman), but I did a story last week on the two deaths which occurred here, so far, this year. One was right next door.

  2. You are funny. Seriously though, throw the dogs out the window? Not cool. I am glad to see you back on the blog. How is your friend?

  3. Well, I´m better looking,don´t have kids, have two dogs but I can throw them out the window to never come back again. Plus I´m also talented, don´t know what exactly but I am….or I do know.

  4. You are funny! I do it for Scottishmomus. She really digs him, and it keeps people coming to my site. I think he is talented, but he is too good looking for my taste. And…there is the fact of him being married, and has kids, oh…and a dog.

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