$75 billion experiment which WENT WRONG!


8 thoughts on “$75 billion experiment which WENT WRONG!

  1. I read something the other day which went something like: We have always done it that way, are the most dangerous words. I agree.

  2. My Bachelor’s and Master’s are in Criminal Justice, so I am well versed in the whole gamut of the mess of this. What is even scarier is the private prisons, because they want and need there to be more inmates. I did a thesis on the resocialization of the inmate or ex-felon. It is so hard for them, and then the public get mad at them for recidivism. People are so short sighted. The guy I stayed with in Alaska was an ex-felon. I didn’t know this before I went there, but once I found out, it didn’t phase me. He was used as an example when he was 16, and thus forever had the moniker of ex-felon. I actually read his court documents and others police docs he had and saw exactly how other actual gang members who were at the same incident were let go, while a white guy was held accountable for more than he could have been guilty of. Police reports showed they found him in a closet at the front of the house, but the DA wanted him to be the one who planned this whole gang fight. To top it off, my bud had only been at this house on request of his older brother to pick up some pot. He was just seriously in the wrong place at the wrong time. It was severely fucked up what happened to him, and as I researched and talked with other prisoners, it is this way much of the time.

  3. Really? I usually try to catch something cool in the vid to use as a title. I will check it again, and change the title if need be.

  4. There does have to be another way. We don’t give up on our kids when they misbehave. We try other ways. It’s such a massive problem. In the UK too. Punishments need to fit the crime. But so many incarcerated are for non-violent crimes. It makes so much sense that those who rejoin society should be fit to do so. And help is needed to achieve that aim. The cost to society in not looking at other ways is so huge it’s crazy not to think of alternatives and correction. It’s a volatile subject and victims of crime rightly demand justice. But our current systems don’t make sense.
    Very interesting post, Rene.x

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