Risen: A Mystery

One great creative view of the Crucifixion of Jesus. Trey seriously out did himself on this one.

I'm Dying

The glow from the portable lights bathed the interior of the crypt like an eerie blanket.

In a grave, light does not kill all shadow.SHERLOCK_HOLMES_-_07

Sherlock Holmes, the master detective, along with his trusted friend and colleague Dr. Watson had been called to the scene of a supposed grave robbery.

The two men had been in Jerusalem for a few days to witness a trial that Holmes was very interested in and had been following in the London Times with his usual air of curiosity.

When the condemned man had been taken away from the court, Holmes and Dr. Watson were stupefied at what they had observed.

“Travesty” Holmes had said as he gripped Watsons elbow and led him from the court room into a quiet antechamber.

“What do you suppose they will do to the man Holmes?” Watson had asked when they were out of earshot of suspicious gawkers.

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