Psyc course: Conditioning

Ok, this still doesn’t explain why a cat who has never had cat food from a can which used a can opener responds to the sound of a electric can opener.  True story.  My cats, who have never had a can from a can opener, run to me when I hit the electric opener.  I raised them from little wee ones, so I know exactly what they have been exposed to.  If I am looking from one of them, I can simply go to the can opener, hit it, and out they come.  Weirdness prevails. 


3 thoughts on “Psyc course: Conditioning

  1. ‘Used’ salsa! Ye gods! The image. So it’s back to the psych class for working out your cats strange behaviour. We will get to the bottom of this Watson have no fear. 🙂 x

  2. I have never been a big can user. I would buy things here and there just for emergency purposes, but not really depend on them. I always feel like they are not really good for me. Mom eats a whole lot more out of cans. I even get my fruit which is not fresh from jars. I have never used a can opener for the cats or Wizard’s food. They all have the pop top opening. I am not sure when they figured it all out. I think it is hard wired. The cats have never been for eating food from me, or from my dishes. For whatever reason they only like cat food and treats. I have attempted to see if one or the other will like ice cream, milk, or even mum’s cottage cheese, but they are not interested unless it is cat food. I think they even read the bag, well the Maine Coon does, I am sure. Wizard, on the other hand, will eat all kinds of things, even if he really doesn’t think he will like it later. I have to watch mum and what she gives him to eat. One time she let him lick up her Mexican meal, and well, we had ‘used’ salsa and rice later. Not happiness.

  3. Ok, Rene, when you’ve been using the can opener what has it been for all these years. If not for the cats, might they be associating it with something else? Were you happy after you’d eaten and curl up to give them extra hugs? Or did they get little tidbits from your plate? I’m thinking of my dog here that doesn’t get fed from my plate but whenever I’m eating a bowl of ice cream he comes and lays his head on my lap. And it works. He gets to lick the bowl! I’m quite into the concept and reality of conditioned behaviour as evidenced in dog training. Or wean raising! Just wondering if your cats associate with something else other than their own dinner. 🙂 x

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