SEX…and clothes

This is a cool vid just for the way it is done, and the music.  All the logic and reasons which are listed seem real to me.  Check it out. 



4 thoughts on “SEX…and clothes

  1. I agree with a nice tee and jeans. But they have to be ripped (muscles) to look really good. The whole baggy jeans and loose look really doesn’t do anything for me. Here, we have lots of tanks, even in the winter, so I can have eye candy a lot. I would rather see Vin in a tee and jeans than even Viggo. He is my man, no doubt about that, but he just wears the western look a whole lot better. He also looks pretty damn awesome in a suit thought (Eastern Promises). I hear the nudist thing is really overrated. We had an apartment complex here which catered exclusively to nudists. After a while, people were actually bored with it. The few yahoos who actually peeked inside were sorely disenchanted when they realized it wasn’t strippers and cocktail waitresses out there at the pool. Funny shit! I have also heard about the ones in California where it is mostly older folks who would look so much better in clothes, even a tank top!

  2. Not sexy in a T-shirt! Are you joking me wummin? Have you never seen the ad for stone washed jeans with whatshisface? Or watched a few muscles rippling under and out of….? Lolling pretty hard myself here at your reaction to a white shirt and its wearer. See, I told you so. Underdressed with a pair of blue jeans or black works pretty well too. And it’s too bloody cold here most of the time to wear tanks.
    I did used to wear a long red dress and I loved it but it’s not my favourite colour at all and I can’t see many men getting away with it.
    What I think is quite funny about the clip is the idea that people are sexier in clothes than out of them. It reminds me of a journalist who was doing a piece on naturist camps. He had to strip down of course. No clothes allowed except as cover up against the sun. Apparently, some girl took him to task on peeking down her loose shirt when two minutes before she had been in the buff! It’s what’s not on display that holds more attention. I think the video is spot on with that. Whether that’s conditioned behaviour or just natural curiosity at what we can’t see who knows. I have to say I prefer a suggestion of rather than something in your face, so to speak. That doesn’t sound right but you know what I mean. 🙂 x

  3. I have heard of the tie thing before. Buttons, well I worked in retail way too long to not know this. I worked in ladies wear and then in men’s clothing, so I have a fair dose of both in my knowledge green slimy pool. Red has been proven many times to be sexy. Some people can pull it off well, more women than men, and then some should probably not wear red at all, more women than men. I am not so sure how I would feel about a guy wearing red. I mean how would he wear it? A tie seems to small to make a difference; a dress shirt would so not look right on most men; a suit jacket would look, well…too ‘Vegas; so I guess it would be a t-shirt. If you go that route, then trying to be sexy in a t-shirt for a guy, unless you are Vin Diesel, is probably not going to happen. I have worn red in a blouse and dress and been complemented and flirted with a great deal. If I wore pink or some friggin’ pastel shit (can you tell how much I love pastels), no one even notices if I am alive. Rich colors (and men) work best for me. As far as fantasies, I don’t have many. I love the look of a nice muscle guy, not weird, in a tank. Vin wears some more expensive tanks and he looks hot. Working with attorneys for so long I realized a lot of guys can look good in a suit, but it takes a really nice looking built guy to look good in jeans. I will have to tell you about the attorney who I lusted after by only seeing his shoulders in a white dress shirt. Hadn’t even seen his face, and I was so gone. Made my attorney laugh so hard he started to tear up. I like my yoga pants and tanks. I might not be built like some supper gym chick, but I got the bazookas and the look works for me, especially since I am not working. LOL

  4. Well a few facts in there I didn’t know. Ties, phallic! Pointing towards the crotch! Why buttons are on different sides for men and women. Red being a turn on? I don’t think so. Try black or a white shirt with …..what the hell am I doing?! For gawd’s sake Rene! One minute I think I’m talking to you and the next I’m about to spill my clothes fantasies with the globe. Ok, it wasn’t exactly a fetish. But still.
    As for what I’m currently wearing? A big fluffy dressing gown with no sex appeal whatsoever. But by god it’s comfy. 🙂 x

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