Understanding Central Africa: John’s rant

4 thoughts on “Understanding Central Africa: John’s rant

  1. Now I am scared. ;( I am so not in the state for checking out men, your brothers or anyone. I will see them when I get there. By then I should be walking like a normal human, and happier. I should also have a horse and a Husky, but that is beside the point. They probably want to go check out the females ‘Vegas is popular for, not sick ole me. I will see who is still single once I get there.
    I am confused though: you state you are going to bed due to the witching hour. I wake up then and start my day. I have actually just learned, and this is really important, most spirits, ghosts, and things supernatural beam in around 3 a.m. Which is really funny since I am always waking up right at this time. Coincidence? I think not.
    Sleep on, you must save the children of Scotland tomorrow.

  2. I’m heading to bed now cos witching hour has arrived so I’m not ignoring the rest of your response. And there are some serious misrepresentations of history. Like ‘1984’, it depends on who’s re/writing it.
    But just to let you know, yup, he’s single. But I have three brothers and they’re all ‘single’ as in not married any longer. One’s in deep though with someone else but two of them are free. Shit! The two that are free are going to Las Vegas in May I’ve just remembered. Together. My oldest son wants to go with but he’s just back from Amsterdam and heading off again to go backpacking in Thailand within the next month or so. So I think my boy will be here instead of enjoying the otherworldly delights of your neck of the woods. Now if you want to give me your addy I could send them on over for your perusal. 😉 x

  3. They have a place where a person can basically donate to their vids. I think for each amount donated, to a certain type of vid they do, there are little bonuses you can get. I know from the SciShow, you can get a lab coat and other things. I believe they always mention the website at the end of the vids. I do know this is the only way they are able to continue with all the vids they do. Subbable.com is what I think it is. John does a whole lot more of the education ones. There are history, world history, and some others. Hank I think sticks primarily to the science ones.
    As far as education, well it seriously sucks. If my girl was so bad in English, I cringe to think of what her understanding of history or science might be. What of math as well, when we are still living with the notion of girls not being good at math? We are also seeing a lot of serious intentional misrepresentations of history and constitutional teachings. Kids are being told the Bill of Rights say one thing, when if you look at the actual document, what is being taught is a serious paraphrasing or total misinterpretation of the bill. I have no idea what Scotland is dealing with, but I would guess the laws and constitutional documents are probably getting pulled left and right due to the independence issue.

    I seriously wish more people understood history. Not just so I would have more people to talk to, but because we might really take the past failures and rights to build upon, instead of making the same mistakes over again.
    By the way, is this brother you mention the one who is single now? So cool for me!!! LOL

  4. I must admit it took me up until about the age of 14 or 15 when I was taking ‘O’ grade history to begin to realise that the world’s countries didn’t operate in isolation from each other and that events were interlinked. Courtesy of my brother the night before the big test I finally got it. He asked me some questions I knew the answer to but then asked what effect that had had on another piece of history that I also knew. I was kinda, ‘doh, what? Different country, different story.’ Then he did this magical piecing together of the links in a kind of, ‘….meanwhile, over here this was going on and the Russians were going….and then over here…..’ You get the picture. It was like a story unfolding in my mind and I totally aced that exam. Right out of brain, down my right arm, on to the page the next day. I forgot most of it afterwards, of course! As you do when you just cram the night before. But it did make history and modern politics come alive in a more understandable way insofar as I realised that things didn’t happen in isolation. Even way back when. And certainy not now.
    You know, Hank and John are going educate the world one way or another. And thank god for it. But it’s kind of sad too that they need to do this both with literature and so many other subjects. Certainly doesn’t say a lot for our education systems. Or am I being pessimistice here? Maybe they’ll be like big brothers that sort of open your eyes a little. Yeah, I can live with that. Then the rest is up to us.
    I love these two guys! 🙂 x

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